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frustration tonight
Published on March 21, 2008 By Sly But Shy 1958 In Misc

i miss helen

it slipped out, in a tear and sob, ripping unexpectedly through my evening ennui.
so sad so lost from me

days since i smelled her, or took care of her, touched her curllllll..... my little girl

Lost to me...

and my old cat Fluffy is dying, and Melody crying lost herself in the wilderness... Jamie doubting and rifts being torn and we speak and speak and speak. Drama swirling.

What a waste. energy lost into anger rather than into the light bright of creation.

Surely the opposite of black hole is a white hole. The opposite of midnight vacuum is brilliant searing fire ripping open space and time to pour forth energy. This is the answer to the unified theory.

What is the inverse of a black hole?

on Apr 04, 2008

We had a very rough few days but we all weathered the storm and we are stronger from the experience.

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