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It rumbles and it roars
Published on April 29, 2006 By Sly But Shy 1958 In Life Journals
Up to my garage doors,
and inside parked, at bay
Not roaring that throaty roar
And glistening in the warm summer breezes turned to gale force wind at the touch of my foot on the pedal
Loosey goosey is gravity's hold on this 5.7 liters of highly tuned mechanical excellence...
Perfect, sleek and speedy. Gaudy and loud and ever so shiny.
And now - It's mine-y!

on Apr 30, 2006
Damn, I'm jealous....but good for you. So, what year is she?
on Apr 30, 2006
1995 Indy Pace Car Replica, 12,000 miles 5.7 liter V8 with 300 horsepower... Metallic Purple over arctic white with white convertible top... OMG it's a hot car!
on Apr 30, 2006
I'm happy for you too. My pride and joy 2 years ago was a BMW 535i. It sat in my garage and I couldn't believe I owned a "Horn Car" (it isa "Horn Car too), so I dreamt about it and enjoyed every minute of the mornings when I could climb aboard.

Lucky Bastard you!
on Apr 30, 2006
I want a ride!

on May 01, 2006
Like a beautiful dress
Like a new outfit
Like the so very sexy panties you wear sometimes
Like late at night when you come to bed
Like a beautiful shadow
It looks wonderful on the floor beside the bed

Lustfully yours

Big Jim TX
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