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Do any of you? Bet so...
Published on March 22, 2006 By Sly But Shy 1958 In Life Journals
Maybe she is actually reading some, and maybe Simon is too...
If you are, Thanks for all the blogs you wrote once upon a time.
I've always been more of a lurker than an active participant. You've always been the busy one.
Struggling through life, but making it somehow, and keeping your heart open.
I enjoyed your opinions.
I felt for your life story.
And in some ways that are not wise to talk about so freely, I am like you.
I didn't get to read the blog you wrote that blew things up.
Guys have a right to testoterone and pissing matches.
To me that is part of the definition of a man.
But also in that same definition is the right to claim territory.
You were on another man's turf.
Just like you wouldn't encroach on another man's woman,
just like you wouldn't presume to drive another man's car without following the protocol..
There is a protocol here.
Just as you demand and command respect, so does another.
This is Stardock land under a Brad-ly flag...
Mr Stardock
You are a creative genius, but it wasn't your pride that was hurt.
Was it? Or, wasn't it? Hmmm.... What is that saying about pride?
However, I do appreciate your putting up the blog. Thank you for that.
And in exchange for free use of it, you can most fairly say you've earned my respect.
It is a real service to the multitudes. It was an online community, and still is.
But I do miss Little Whip.

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